Friday 30 November 2012

A poem for Hollie

Our little niece Hollie,
So small and petite,
Only a few precious days,
Did we get the chance to meet.

Such an impact you made,
With those long legs and wriggles,
In this tearful time,
You still brought us giggles.

Those wonderful bright eyes,
Your demeanor so gentle,
Is it really any wonder,
We thought you were so special?

Your Mum and Dad loved you,
Nanas and papa too,
Your Aunts and your Uncles,
How could they not do?

You touched all our hearts,
You made us so proud,
Our true little angel,
Now up in the clouds.

To a place up in heaven,
Where you will find peace,
We will never forget you,
Our special wee niece.

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